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Juego del coche abecedario

You can make super easy and fun games (that also help kids LEARN) with nothing more than 
paper, scissors, glue & a marker. Here's one the boys (5 & 2) really loved!

Cucurucho de Mayúscula-minúscula

Thanks to Ronald Reagon, July is National Ice Cream Month and we're celebrating all week long with ice cream crafts and activities. Today I whipped up this simple matching game for A as we continue to work on her ABC's.

Construcciones de palabras

Reading Centers

 Why don't I use all of my extra stuff to make reading centers? Two birds, one stone, right?

Unifix Cube Compound Word Building

Here's how it works: Program unifix cubes with compound words. Write each smaller word in the compound word on a different color of unifix cube.  

Then, put the cubes for each compound word into a baggie.

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