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Identificación de letras. Una actividad simple y divertida

Letter Identification: A Fun and Simple Reading Activity

Little Miss A has taken a real interest in letters of the alphabet lately. I definitely think it's because they are twins and we have had to label so many of their things from such an early age to avoid arguments that my little Misses have been able to recognise their names from quite a young age. Little Miss A is fascinated by her name and particularly likes the 'A' - for the past few weeks she has been spotting words that have a capital A and saying, "That says Abby-dee" (as that is what she often calls herself).

I thought I would make the most of this interest in the alphabet and use it to do a simple and fun reading activity. I got out one of my favourite alphabet stories, "Dr Seuss' ABC", and some re-stickable highlighter tape. We read the book together and went back and stopped at the A page. I cut some strips of highlighter tape ("Blue One Mummy!") and asked Abby if she could put the tape on each A for Abby. I then showed Little Miss C the C page and asked her if she could stick the tape on all the "C for Claire" letters. They both did this so simply, and without any errors - I was amazed! It had been one of those activities I had in my mind to do somewhere down the track but didn't think they were old enough to get it yet. I guess I learnt to give a few more things a try and that there is no harm in trying an activity - if it doesn't work or your kid's aren't into it or aren't ready for it then nothing has been lost.

This activity was all my two had the attention span for (they quickly digressed to wanting to just stick the tape on themselves and wanting to pull it out in streams from the dispenser) but as they get older we could do the same thing with other letters of the alphabet as well. For kids that are starting to recognise sight words you can use the same activity but get them to highlight specific sight words (the, at, and). For beginning readers you could get them to highlight blends or rhyming words. There are numerous possibilities from such a simple task and each activity is just getting that little bit more out of reading and books.

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