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Top 20 Name Recognition Activities for #preschool and #kindergarten
These are some of my favorite activities for teaching young children how to recognize their names in the beginning of the school year. Some of the activities pictured here will help children learn to identify their own names, and others will help them learn to identify the names of their classmates too. Both types of activities offer opportunities for learning letters in ways that are fun and meaningful.

Spelling Names on the Clothesline in #preschool and #kindergarten
1. Clothesline Names - You can read the directions for making this activity on the blog HERE. Great fine motor practice too!
Crayon Resist Watercolor Names in #preschool and #kindergarten
2. Crayon Resist Watercolor Names - Write child’s name with a regular, white crayon on white construction paper. When the child paints the paper with watercolors his or her name will magically appear!
Bingo Dot Names in #preschool and #kindergarten

3. Dot Names - Write the child’s first name or the beginning letter on construction paper. The child uses Do-A-Dot markers or Scentos dot dabbers to cover the letter(s).
Stamping Names in Play Dough in #preschool and #kindergarten

4. Play Dough Names - Children love using these alphabet dough stampers to stamp their names in play dough.
Stamping Names with Alphabet Stamps in #preschool and #kindergarten

5. Alphabet Stamp Names - Children stamp their names using alphabet stamps.
Making Names with Water Bottle Caps in #preschool and #kindergarten
6. Bottle Cap Names - Write letters on the top of water bottle caps with a permanent marker. Children can spell their names using the bottle caps.
How Many Letters in My Name Class Book in #preschool and #kindergarten
7. Letters in My Name Class Book - Create a class book with a different number on each page. Students write their names on the page that matches the number of letters in their name. Add their photos next to their names to provide cues for independent reading.

8. Wikki Stix Names – Write the child’s name on construction paper and provide them with Wikki Stix to form their names on the paper.
Kool-Aid Names in #preschool and #kindergarten
9. Kool-Aid Names – Write the child’s name on construction paper and have him or her squeeze liquid glue over the top. Next, pour Kool-Aid over the top of the name and let dry.
Hunt for Letters in Your Name in Sensory Tub in #preschool and #kindergarten
10. Letter Hunt - Children hunt for letters in their name in a sensory tub filled with colored rice and magnetic letters.
Chicka Chicka Class Book in #preschool and #kindergarten
11. Class Books - Use class books to motivate students to read. They love seeing their own names and the names of their friends in print.
Making Names with Alphabet Beads in #preschool and #kindergarten

12. Alphabet Bead Names - Children string alphabet beads on pipe cleaners to spell their names.
Glue Name Rubbings in #preschool and #kindergarten
13. Tactile Names - Write the child’s name with a permanent marker on construction paper. Have the child squeeze liquid glue on top of the letters and allow it to dry completely overnight. Place a sheet of copy paper over the top and the child can make a rubbing of his or her name with a crayon.
Rainbow Writing Names with Scentos in #preschool and #kindergarten
14. Rainbow Write Names - Children use Scentos markers to trace over their names in a variety of colors and scents.
15. Word/Name Wall - Put children’s names and pictures on the word or name wall in your classroom.
Pocket Chart Name Sort in #preschool and #kindergarten
16. Name Chart - Place student names in pocket chart in alphabetical order. Call attention to the first letter of each name by writing it in red. These cards can be used for many different activities such as sorting by first letter, comparing and contrasting the number of letters in each name etc.
Making Names with Pasting Pieces in #preschool and #kindergarten

17. Pasting Pieces - Children love to search for letters and glue them to paper to spell their names.
Making Names with Connecting Cubes in #preschool and #kindergarten
18. Connecting Cubes - I found a box of 100 connecting cubes at Wal-Mart for $9.99. Write letters on the cubes with a permanent marker and children can practice spelling their names with the cubes.
Free Printable Letters in My Name/Not in My Name T-Chart #preschool #kindergarten
19. Letters in My Name T-Chart - Write the child’s name at the top and have them sort magnetic letters on this printable t-chart. Click on the picture above to get your free copy of this printable t-chart.
Touch and Write App for Name Writing in #preschool and #kindergarten

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