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Works For Me: Teaching a Child To Hold a Pencil

WfmwheaderI cannot take an ounce of credit for today's little tip--my son's preschool teacher taught it to me years ago.  It's such a good one, I couldn't keep it to myself.
You probably know how hard it can be to communicate to a child exactly how a pencil should sit properly in his or her little hands.  My son's teacher told me to do it this way:
1.  Take a Kleenex and tear it two pieces (a full Kleenex is too large, so just use the half piece for this trick.)
2.  Have the child pinch the Kleenex piece in his/her pinky and ring finger, like this:

3.  While the child is still pinching the Kleenex in those two fingers, tell him to hold the pencil in the remaining three fingers.
4.  Remarkably, as long as the Kleenex is still "occupying" their 4th and 5th fingers, the child will naturally hold the pencil the right way. 
Really!  It works!

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